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China’s First Sludge Treatment Project for Large-Scale Coal-fired Units Put into Operation

Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2020-08-17   Font:【L M S

On August 10, the “key technology research and engineering demonstration project for treatment of various sludge and solid waste of 630MW large-scale coal-fired units,” the first of its kind in China, was put into operation at Changzhou Power Plant of China Energy Jiangsu Company.

Jointly built by the Jiangsu Company and Guodian Technology and Environment Group under China Energy, the project features an independently designed treatment system for various sludge and sewage and a complex sludge storage and transportation system. By leveraging the advantages of large-scale coal-fired units in power plants and the technology of sludge treatment coupled with power generation, the project can achieve harmless, efficient and resource utilization of sludge. It will effectively solve the problem of disposal of pollutants such as local domestic sludge and fill the vacancy of harmless disposal of printing and dyeing sludge, meeting the environmental protection requirements across the process.

The project mainly undertakes the treatment of domestic sludge and printing and dyeing sludge in Changzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. With a daily treatment capacity of 500 tons (sludge moisture content up to 80%), including 300 tons of domestic sludge and 200 tons of printing and dyeing sludge, the project can dispose nearly 160,000 tons of sludge a year. Its operation will bring significant social and environmental benefits and play an exemplary role in promoting comprehensive energy services and the development of circular economy within the group and even the industry.

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