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Wang Xiangxi Inspects Poverty Alleviation Work in Liangshan Prefecture

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2020-08-10   Font:【L M S

China Energy Chairman Wang Xiangxi visited Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, on August 5-6 to inspect the company’s targeted poverty alleviation work in Butuo and Puge counties and encourage local poverty-stricken households as well as the company’s resident poverty relief staff.

Chairman Wang Xiangxi (third right) inspects the construction site of a China Energy-funded primary school in Puge County.

Wang successively inspected China Energy-aided projects including a road, a primary school and a new rural community in Butuo County as well as a strawberry planting base and a primary school in Puge County. He also listened to work reports of Sichuan Energy Company and Dadu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. on poverty alleviation through such efforts as infrastructure construction, industrial development, education, health care, housing, photovoltaic energy, and consumption. Then, he visited local poor households to understand their income and children’s education while encouraging its resident staff assigned to poverty alleviation mission.

Chairman Wang Xiangxi (second right) visits a poor household in Bozuo Village, Butuo County.

Since China Energy began helping Butuo and Puge, both in severely impoverished areas of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Wang said, remarkable results have been achieved in poverty alleviation. As China enters a crucial period in the battle against poverty, the company should continue to cooperate closely with local governments and take advantage of its strengths to advance industrial development, education, consumption and ecological conservation to achieve the goal of poverty eradication, Wang added.

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