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Yantai Longyuan Branch of China Energy Technology & Environment Group Successfully Launches High-Moisture Brown Coal Plasma Ignition

Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2020-08-17   Font:【L M S

On August 4, Yantai Longyuan Co., Ltd., a branch of China Energy Technology & Environment Group, successfully put into operation its high-moisture oil-free plasma ignition and stable combustion technology in the 300MW generator at the Xilin coal-fired power plant of Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. This marked the first time that the oil-free plasma ignition technology was applied in brown coal with moisture of 36-40 percent.

Debugging personnel checking the flame in the furnace through the observation hole.

As the core part of the technology, the plasma combustor features offset concentration, main gas exhaust separation, slit powder inlet at the initial ignition area, expanded ignition and combustion area, and multi-level cylinder ignition. It boasts a simple structure, low resistance and high anti-slagging performance, with its ignition performance substantially improved.

In the process of ignition, high-moisture brown coal combustor maintains stable operation, and the flame from the ejector nozzle keeps bright. In addition to high-adaptability operation conditions, it also features controllable temperatures of combustor walls and high anti-coking capacity. The plasma generator operates stably and has a wide-range adjustable power scope, with the maximum power of 180kW. This indicates that the technology is mature and reliable and can meet the demand of long-time operation. The ignition process saved nearly 100 tons of fuel, and helped the power plant cut costs by more than 700,000 yuan.

The successful application of the technology realized the industrialization of the research result in engineering practice. It laid a solid foundation for the company to further explore the market of fuel-saving boilers for high-moisture brown coal-fired power plants in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and northeastern provinces in China and expanded the application of oil-free plasma ignition and stable combustion technology, which is crucial to alleviating the contraction between oil demand and supply and safeguarding China’s energy security.

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